Thank You!

Thank you for your generous donations and continued support to Love Thy Neighbor’s Community support program.  Your contribution plays a vital role in our efforts to provide our less fortunate Tacoma residents with a warm clothing, food, and a bed while they work to recover from their current living situation. Your support gives our neighbors hope and the opportunity they need to live sustainably, so they to can pay it forward and become successful members of our society.  Ultimately, I believe that the efforts that we all put forth will not only help our fellow brothers and sisters get back on the right track, also decrease crime in our neighborhoods, and help keep business area clean and free of debris.   So, again I’d like to Thank you for your support.

These wonderful organizations have been supporting us since we started February 3, 2018.

                                                                        Safeway, Microsoft, Franz and The Beacon Center, Sounders, Storm & Seahawks.

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