Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins


We met this beautiful couple this past week near JBLM, They both serve as I did and or a wonderful inspiration. They donated so many items to our foundation. 

Thank you so much you have already impacted a a couple of families with your gifts. 

Thank you and good luck on your next tour!

Ms. Adrienne Jones


Thank you for your wonderful donation we wish you and your family all the blessing that you have blessed those in need with.

Thank You

Our Mission


Who are we?

We  are a local, veteran owned organization dedicated to helping those in  need. The Love Thy Neighbor Support Team is honored to be an outreach  organization for our local community. We are here to support those in  need of assistance as they work to provide for themselves and their  families.  We are a registered 501C3 non-profit organization. Volunteers are the backbone of this organization there support and your donations keep us  going. Respect and dignity are our watchwords. We treat all people with respect and we do our best to assist in their time of need.


Mission Statement

Our  vision at Love Thy Neighbor is to be an organization supporting and  insuring no individuals or families in our communities ever have to go  hungry or spend a night on the streets or in the woods because they  can’t find or afford safe housing. We believe in the principle that  safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human right, and our primary  aim is to offer a stabilizing base of support for homeless men and women  as they transition back into the community. Our concern is for both  emergency care and the development of affordable housing for all.


What We Offer

We offer our assistance in acquiring:

Food and Shelter

Veterans Services 

Health Care
Clothing (Kids and Adult)
Financial Assistance
Children's Services
Job & Living Skills
Education & Self Help Classes
Emergency Housing Vouchers

Outreach Worker and Community Care Support Services


Appreciation Letters


Good Afternoon,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of Baker Middle School and the 25 families that each of you had a part in helping over the Thanksgiving holiday. You went above and beyond to support the Baker community. An example is when a female student was so happy and thankful that she was going to get to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Without your support that dinner wouldn’t have happened because her mother didn’t get paid until after Thanksgiving. Again, thank you so much for your generosity and community work that you do.

Baker Middle School


Thanks for giving back to the community



                                                                                                    One Organization Making a Difference (Alabama)


Our children need our support

Let's equip our children with the tools they need to be successful in school. Donate backpacks and/or school supplies for low income children and families in our community.  Please contact us at 253-271-1993 to coordinate pickup or drop off.


Throughout the year Love Thy Neighbor holds many events that contribute to our fundraising efforts. The more you support our events, the more you help to end homelessness and assist lower income families and their children. Come and enjoy these fun times with us! Supporting our community. Don’t forget to check out our calendar.


This young woman has been a victim of domestic violence she has lost custody of her child. Listen to her story , unfortunately she is one of many. 

Myths about homelesness

Myth: Homeless people don’t want housing; they choose that lifestyle.


FACT: No one wants to be homeless - it’s dangerous, stressful, and humiliating.

Being homeless is not easy or comfortable. This myth allows us to ignore the

desperate people living in tents or in cars without water, heat or sanitation. Some

people who are homeless choose to sleep outside rather than in shelters because

they are fearful of having to leave pets and belongings outside. In addition, many

shelters and homeless housing programs have stringent eligibility criteria and rules

that ‘screen out’ the most vulnerable people. (Source:

The “Choice” to remain on the street is a dangerous one. 700 people died in the

U.S. from exposure in 2009. Remaining on the streets also puts homeless people

at risk of violence, including murder, assault, rape, and theft. Homeless people are

often the victims of hate crimes. 1,500 reported attacks occurred nationwide on

homeless people in the past 15 years with 375 ending in death. 91 people died

while homeless in King County in 2015. (Source:

Myth: Providing services to homeless people only attracts more homeless.


FACT: A recent national study found that 75% of homeless people are still living in

the city which they became homeless.

While some people experiencing homelessness move to find jobs and housing,

many are unable to move because of physical or behavioral health disabilities,

because of financial hardships like foreclosure or job loss that may have led to

homelessness, or because they simply do not want to leave a community where

they have established meaningful roots. People experiencing homelessness who do

move to new areas do so because they are searching for work, have family nearby

or for other reasons not always related to services.


Myth: Homeless people just lack ambition.


FACT: Experiencing homelessness is a condition, not a character defect.

Lawyers, doctors, film directors, entrepreneurs, university professors, professional musicians and many others have experienced homelessness. Anyone can become homeless if they have no way to pay for housing and no other resources or support. It’s not about lack of ambition or desire for a safe and permanent place to live. Homeless people are often sleep-deprived, cold, wet, and sick. With no transportation and little money, they can spend all day getting to food and maybe an appointment before they need to search for a safe place to sleep, all while trying to keep their personal possessions safe. Additionally many people face the trauma of homelessness with disabling conditions including chronic health conditions and severe mental illness

Myth: Homeless people are all drunks and drug users. We’re just enabling them!


FACT: Research shows that substance abuse is often a result of homelessness, rather than a cause. Roughly 32% of individuals experiencing homelessness suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol—a figure approximately 20%

higher than reported abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs by the general population. Homelessness, which is usually accompanied by loss of income, isolation, and loss of self-worth, drives people to substance abuse. It is often mistakenly assumed that alcoholics and drug users lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using drugs simply by choosing to change their behavior. Recovering from addiction is difficult for housed people; it is even more difficult for people experiencing the additional trauma of homelessness. (Sources:;;

frequently asked questions

How can I help Love Thy Neighbor?

If you are an individual donor, the best way to support Love Thy Neighbor is to not only support our programs through monetary donations and volunteering, but to tell your friends and colleagues about us. Challenge your family, friends, co-workers to get involved, to make a difference to the children, who are our future.

Can I donate goods, such as books, clothes and food, instead of cash?

Yes, like many charities, Love Thy Neighbor is grateful to receive gifts, used or new unused goods. Offerings of specialty services are also needed for low income families and homeless individuals such as eye exams, haircuts, dental care and/or other special services.

How do I volunteer?

Love Thy Neighbor offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families or groups, ranging from a one-time experience to multiple commitments. These opportunities include fund raising and assistance passing out food and educational information. Please call Terry Thompson for more information at (253) 271-1993.

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